DeDo Services can assist you in all your business projects. We will support all your temporary projects, ongoing projects, national projects, and international projects.

Below you will find some previous projects DeDo Services has provided.

In this section you will find the projects in which we assisted. Some of the projects are ongoing, while others have successfully been concluded.

Supporting companies worldwide to switch away from fossil plastic and use plant-based plastic or plant-based alternatives. We have over 2.500 connections within the plant-based material industry. Manufacturers, Plant-based packaging suppliers, material and product developers, environmental specialists etcetera.

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Supporting the company with finding model sites all over the world. including setting up a worldwide network of suppliers and potential clients.

Introducing the products to the Dutch market.

Managing the hotel during the nightly hours.

Managing the hotel during the nightly hours.

Recruiting international employees for national and international companies.

Is a Consortium of more than 10 factories in India that manufacture a large number of fashion products : Bags, accessories, footwear.
We represent Harrow in the Benelux

Assisting and negotiating for the purchase of a health clinic in Miami USA

Preparations for an auction sale of a hotel in Tulum Mexico. Assisting and negotiating for the purchase of a liquor store in Aspen USA.