About Dedo Services

Dedo Services started in 2018 to support other entrepreneur in their road to success. 

Years of experience

Gerco Leeflang is an entrepreneur by heart. He owned multiple businesses in both the Netherlands and abroad since 2002. In 15 years time, he built a supermarket business containing multiple branches. Recently, he decided to commit himself to helping other entrepreneurs. In 2018 he opened DeDo Services for this purpose.

DeDo Services offers businesses the opportunity to profit from this years long experience and built up expertise. Our wide variation of national and international connections will make any project run smooth. Since DeDo Services opened its doors, we have supported a variety of companies in their road to success.

Please visit projects for more information about the businesses that we supported.
Active projects: 
PLA bottles (since 2018)

Plant-based packaging consultancy (since 2019)